Caitlin + Robbie | Anniversary Session

Happy One Year anniversary!

I can't believe your PERFECT wedding was a year ago! It was another unusually warm January day, just like today. ( All you brides out there- Good to know!) 

I had never photographed a wedding at the Civic Center Hall of Mirrors, so I didn't know much about it, but let me tell you, it's amazing. Robbie and Caitlin got married at 5 pm so the sunset light was coming through the gorgeous windows. #dreamcometrue

Their wedding was so sweet and so fun. But mainly, I've just always been super impressed by Robbie and Caitlin's demeanor, both together and separately. They are so kind, genuine, and it's so evident how much they care for one another. Plus +++ they are rock stars behind the camera. So I thought it would be super fun to do a 1st Anniversary session with them!

We hung out at Elemental Coffee and then headed down to the Civic Center to reminisce and grab some shots there. It was great. The weather was amazing. They rocked it. Check it out below! 

Happy one year you guys! <3





Robbie + Caitlin | Proposal | Hafer Park | Edmond, Ok

 I love surprise proposal shoots.

Robbie emailed me back in January about how he wanted to surprise his girlfriend, Caitlin by proposing to her during a photoshoot. The plan was that he would tell Caitlin that I had asked them to pose/model for me for a photo session. 

Robbie had it all planned out. We met at Hafer Park in Edmond on Saturday morning. I had known Robbie in College, but was meeting Caitlin for the first time. She was so sweet! She seemed nervous and maybe like she knew something was up, but Robbie made her feel at ease. These two are so sweet together.

Part of the surprise was that both of their families were going to be waiting in the park to see them after the proposal. The plan was that Robbie would receive a call from his Dad around 10:30, letting him know that the families were in place. After that, he would propose. We kept strolling through the park until he got the call. 

So Robbie gets the call. At this point, I'm thinking, it's time right? The plan was for Robbie to stand behind Caitlin to propose. So I ask Robbie to stand behind Caitlin, thinking it was time. When he doesn't propose, I'm desperately trying to read Robbie's mind at this point! (haha!)

So we casually keep taking photos. 

Then Robbie suggests that we head towards a bench where they've taken a photo before. 

and then…...

She said YES! (of course! )

It was so sweet of Robbie to plan for both families to be there! I loved seeing how supportive and excited everyone was!

Congratulations Robbie + Caitlin! I wish you two the very best and the deepest blessings in your marriage! It was an honor to capture your proposal!