Amelia + Taylor | Piedmont, Ok | Oklahoma Wedding Photography | OKC Wedding Photographer

Amelia + Taylor. These two are so sweet, fun to be around, and so well matched. I had the honor of photographing their sweet outdoor wedding in Amelia's parent's backyard. Her family worked tirelessly to get everything ready for the wedding. Landscaping, clearing trees, finding old wooden church pews- you name it. Totally DIY- down to the bouquet. Every little detail had a personal touch or a special memory.

As you Okies know, the rain in the month of May was tremendous! SO. MUCH. RAIN. The entire day was filled with the worry of rain, but Amelia was so calm and collected. The wedding was set to start at 7:00, but that's right when the rain was heading our way. So they decided to move the wedding up an hour. As a photographer, all I can about is the light. As a former bride, whose outdoor wedding got rained out, all I can feel is empathy and hope. Hope that the rain holds off. But thankfully, it was mostly family and close friends coming to the wedding, so texts were sent, phone calls were made, and everyone showed up an hour early. Whew.

Everyone got settled into the old rustic church pews, and Nickel Creek music starts playing. Commence the tears. Amelia and her Dad made a beautiful entrance, moms teared up (I may have a little too) and a beautiful commitment was made. What a special wedding. So much love, so many prayers surrounding this new marriage. Congrats Amelia and Taylor! It was truly an honor to photograph your wonderful and special day. Blessings!